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User guide

The Amogay .com Agency is working to facilitate the process to access our website and the registration, in order to benefit from our exclusive services.

  • To ensure the buyers would have a vast field of selected products with a high cleverness.
  • High quality and good prices.
  • The credibility of the exhibitors.
  • We facilitate the operation of buying just by one click.
  • Rounded kinds of goods to the buyers regardless of geographic boundaries.
  • Our job is also to introduce the seller to the buyer and create a kind of communication between them.


Membership directory:

Our company is working to create mediation between the seller and the buyer, in atmosphere of transparency and credibility in all matters relating to natural, eco-products.
Our job is not only focused on cosmetics sides, but also for consumption, cooking and therapeutics.

To be a member Amogay com offers 2 ways of membership:

1. Free member:

The seller enters his informations about his special business and company (name, tel , fax, Electronic address, and general description about his company).
After being registered allows him to enter the pictures of products on our website, this service is provided free of charge.

2. The Golden Member:

The ordinary member could become golden member; since after his registration he pays an annual amount in this case, he could benefit from many exclusive services such as:
We guarantee to the seller a buyer for the goods according to the credibility of his work towards international buyers.
We also help the golden member to sell goods by offering special privileges via the internet , Amougay websites, pub and international markets.

Our Objectives:

  • Our company opens to our valued members, buyers and sellers, a large field to discover new markets including Asia, Europe and North Africa.
  • facilitates the process of import and export among the buyers and the sellers of all credibility.
  • embraces the small and the medium companies and pushes them forwards and assists in introducing their organic and eco products.
  • Investment in new markets.
  • We guarantee a high quality of the eco-products from the hand of the producer to the buyer 100 %natural.
  • are not inserting in any financial intermediation between the buyer and the seller.
  • We present a large field of choices of organic, natural and bio products for cosmetic, consumption, cooking and therapeutic..etc
  • is an incredible platform, network for an everlasting organic products from the arboretum to your hand sincerely.