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Talking about elegance, pretty, freshness and vitality, is Talking about the ‘Damassk rose.

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Product Category : cosmetics

From a long time of the history, the (Damask Rose)-  Syrian Rose -

Is considered as one of the most elegant Rose. that you have never seen before.

Valley of Roses’.EL-kelaa M’gouna’

The unique town that produces this pure  and exclusive Royal Rose in Morocco.

Rose oil or water are commercially the most important product asking by the costumers. that’s the reason why Bio –AdorAtes opens before the eyes of the clients a large fields of doses of Original, Natural and Organic of Rose production.

Rose oil, water, crème, powder, Rose extracts.


Rose oil benefils: Rose oil meaning either Rose otto (atar of Rose) or ( Rose a bolute) is the essential oil extracted from the petals of the Damask pure Rose.

Rose oil are  extracted through steam distillation by keeping the Organic,Natural ingredients of the rose .

Rose oil has a beautiful feminine aroma and its unsurpassed when it is used in skin. care to balance the combination skin, nourish the dry or ageing  skin , is very fill for (S.P.A).

Rose water                

There’s no finer essential water than( Rose water oil )water, is also used for deep moisturization, since; it brings a gentle tonic action that helps to strengthen collagen- elastim network this network  keeps your skin soft radiant and young looking .

Rose water or oil gives a boost to tired lifeless skin that is need of rejuvenation.

Rose cream :

Besides;  its effects on the emotional system by balancing and stabilizing the relaxing feeling. just add a few drops of the oil Rose on the cream Rose and use it regularly, it helps for unsightly broken capillaries( spider viens).

Rose powder:

BioAdorates represents natural organic powder of Rose Damask. that’s useful for face ,hair,and body. Besides; many cosmetic usages this pure powder gives incredible resulting purifying the skin and the body.

Bioadorates represents:

Damask Rose the king of the Roses.

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