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The Organic Saffron, the Natural MoroccanTreasure.

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Historical backaground:


Throughout the human history, ‘ Saffrone’ has been used by the very famous civilizations, ‘Greece  Rome  and Cleopatra Saffron is one of the for most beautiful and respectful plants in the dictionary life either in cooking, medicine or cosmetic.

 Vegetarian and scientifically speaking the saffron is called ‘ crocus .sativus’.


The word saffron comes from the 12th century the original name comes from Latin word ’Safranum’, is also related to Italian ‘Zafferano ‘ and Spanish ‘azafran’ ‘Safranm’ comes from the Arabic word which means  ‘yellow’ .

Talioune Moroccan Saffron, is an other way to appreciate the Arabic original pure and qualified Suffron .

Talouine village. the 1st producer of Saffron in Morocco, the most expensive spice in the  world ,Taliouine village is near to the taroudant city in the southern souss region of Morocco, which is hugely known by the pure production of ‘crocus sativus’, commonly known as Saffron .According to the Morocco regional agricultural development office .the volume of production of the pure Saffron in this town is estimated around 7000 pounds per year with 1285 farmers.

The country is currently classified as the for the Saffron producer in the world. after Iran India and Greece.


BioAdorates offers to the costumers this ‘redgold’ as it’s called in Morocco; 100% pure Saffron from the sirwa Mountain that’s known by the purity originality and the high quality of Saffron ‘ red gold’.


The usage of saffron :


1- Cooking: Moroccan saffron  becomes a part of Moroccan patrimony and Moroccan culture ,a lot of Moroccan tradition dishes are made out of Saffron to give delicious-fragrance and golden color to food besides the healthy-dimension of pure saffron in cooking like tea (at winter)/coffee / /tajine / as a royal spice / .many of  Moroccan traditional dishes are made of saffron .

2- Cosmetic: Saffron is the safest natural tinted for the hair. it also gives incredible results against hair loss.


Saffron is not useful just for hair, but also, it moisturizes the body since; it  gives freshness and brightning to the skin.

Medical dimension of saffron :

The dark red stigma of crocus  sativus is a beneficial prevention of cancer, appetite, depression, headaches, hong overs ,remedy for cotarrhal, infections nerves sedative ,carminative, digestive problems.

More over the natural saffron helps to prevent cancer that is why the doctors advise to use the saffron in the preparation of various dishes.


If you are looking for original pure and high quality saffron so your chance is in Bio-Adorates LTD.

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