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2015 herifi led aquarium light with excellent performance Maximize

2015 herifi led aquarium light with excellent performance



经过多年严格的研究和开发  ,herifi  开发出不同系列的  LED植物生长灯,包括宝石系列LED植物生长灯,钻石系列生长灯,探索系列led灯成长,得墨忒耳系列植物生长灯,光环台系列,梯系列  LED植物生长灯


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led aquarium light

Why does Ladder Series LQ002 24x3w LED aquarium lighting best for aquarist growth and breeding?

1. Original import chip guarantee that lifespan and PAR, ideal for promoting photosynthesis.
2. Special lenses design, magnify that chip effect, 60 90 120 degree lenses, providing more footprint than Metal halide and Compact Fluorescents.
3. Blue light, it is more important for growth of coral, duckbill fish and shrimp, promote the coral calcium absorption, synthesis of Vitamin D3, make its healthily growing. White light, best for aquatic plants growth, promote photosynthesis of aquatic plants. Other red, green and purple light, protection the health of aquatic organisms, and make the color of them more vivid.
4. High degree of suture and sealing, perfectly isolated from dust and water, in order to protect the LEDS Better, prolong lifespan.
5. Aluminum heat dissipation  led aquarium light ,  lower that temperature, extend that lifespan, reaching that UL standard.
LED Aquarium Lighting  Application: 
Ideal for all phases of coral, fish, aquatic plants and all aquatic organisms growth and provide ornamental fixture, promote the photosynthesis of coral and aquatic plants and the growth and development of aquatic organisms. In fish tank, large aquarium, aquatic plants and animals breeding workshop, some aquarium organisms museums and more aquarium related sites, you can see its. 

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