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Professional shampoo and conditioner wholesale nature hair care product free shampoo sample

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minimal quantity : 100
Product Category : health-medical

This product has strong effect of dispensation to prevent hair loss and control oil.

It contains each kind of plant extract essence using modern biotechnology.

It can nourish the hair follicle rapidly, effectly restrain grease to secrete, and recover the hair skin mainly because its ingredients-sage,ginger,papaye and ginseng.

Effective ingredients can strengthen hair root cell vitality.Especially ginger,it can prevent hair loss and promote it growth effectively.

At the same time, it could bring you fresh and confortable feeling, then strengthen the hair follicle to prevent its fall.

Sustainable use can be reinforced to achieve solid hair follicles,UFA,raised hair ,the efficacy of hair growth.

Factory owns rigorous modern biotechnology.

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