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new red 5kw motor 5 passengers electric cars with AC motor type automobile

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Pure Electric Vehicles

A pure electric vehicle is powered solely by electricity stored in batteries within the vehicle. The battery powers an electric motor which turns the wheels and drives the car. The battery is recharged by plugging into charge points.

 Why do You Choose an Electric Car?
 Driving Comfortable in smoothness, silence and fast acceleration;
 Savings Positive in lower price of carrecurring fuel, insurance, service and maintenance costs etc;
 Environmentally Positive in zero exhaust pipe emissions.

5KW Cheap New Energy SUV Battery Electric Car Adult Vehicle Made in China Automobile

Parameters of Electric Cares

Driving Experience of Green Car 

• Smoothness and comfort of the experience

• Silence of the engine

• Great acceleration due to high torque from standstill

• Strong road holding

• Capacity to drive at conventional car speed

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