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Shaanxi Xianfeng Agroforestry Products Co. Ltd., established in May 30th, 2013, is invested by Shaanxi Changlin Agroforestry and Technology Co., Ltd.; it is a professional foreign trade company mainly dealing in agricultural and forestry products. The company is mainly engaged in the products produced by Shaanxi Changlin Agroforestry and Technology Co., 

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minimal quantity : 750
Product Category : home

Character: pellicular, easy to open, Crisp kernel, pure natural processed, green & healthy, good taste.


Origin: Xinjiang, China which is the best place for plant walnut in the world, where there is Plenty of sunshine & pure mountain water.


Functions: Prevent cell aging; Lower cholesterol; Improve memory, aging and moisturize the skin; Anti-cancer; Bacteriostatic antiphlogistic.


Grade: AAA High-class


Packing: 5kg/Carton or as you like


Storage: In cool and dried place


Shelf life: 365 days



Thin shell; full kernel 

size: 28mm  up; 30mm up; 32mm up; 34mm up.

no pesticide, green, natural 


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